Free Caribbean Vacations - Fact or Fiction?

Once again, your mother was proved right. There is no such thing as free Caribbean vacations and if something appears way too good to be real, it probably is.
One of the major and most serious running frauds up until now is the Caribbean vacation Fraud, where one of your family is informed that they have won a free Caribbean vacation tour or a once in a lifetime Caribbean cruise package. If not completely “without charge”, these “agents” inform you that they can give you that amazing Caribbean vacation for a very low charge. In this situation, you, not unlike several other honest people commence wondering “what could probably go wrong?” A great deal, apparently.

To clarify: you will not receive your free Caribbean vacation. What is most likely is that the scammer will run away with your hard earned money. Given, there are rare offers available from reputed Caribbean vacation agencies that possibly are free, but take utmost precaution.

The most regular travel and Caribbean vacation scams consist of the following:

“Free Caribbean Air Tickets”

Here, they call you and tell you that you have won two air tickets to brilliant places like the Bahamas, the Caymans, Jamaica and other tropical island paradise of the Caribbean. What they are not saying is that you must reserve your hotel and acquire your food from the company that’s providing the tickets. If you stop and make calculations before you take up this “free ticket” proposal, you can easily calculate that the charges for boarding and accommodation easily makes up for the charge of the Caribbean flight tariffs because costs have been so overstated.

“The Caribbean vacation agency” scam

You are telephoned and are told that you are getting a free Caribbean vacation package but you need to pay “charges” to keep this offer. Then once you give these charges, the “Caribbean vacation firm” can no longer be found. Their contact phone line appears disconnected and there is no way you can reacquire your money.

Another variation of this fraud is informing you that you’ve been booked on a super-deluxe Caribbean vacation trip for a negligible price, but this is only for a “restricted time”. You are subsequently required to pay a “vcation booking fee” immediately and this is usually a big amount to assure your seat. It’s just after payment that the “Caribbean vacation agent” tells you that your Caribbean vacation dates are not obtainable or, after a matter of time, will notify you that the offer has already “expire”. Then the “Caribbean Vacation Agent” also disappears, along with your hard earned money.

The “Free Caribbean vacation” myth

You Caribbean vacation the whole passage to the Bahamas or Jamaica, prepared to start your Caribbean vacation, but you discover that you are booked in a minor and dirty hostel with unpalatable meals. If you go away, they notify you that you void your return fare. So, either you decide to remain in your terrible hotel or cough up a horribly overstated fee to vacate it so you can sleep in a pleasant Caribbean Island hotel.

“Become a Caribbean vacation agent”

An agent tells you that you are better served being a Caribbean vacation agent because it gives you discounts for a big amount of money in the long run. As a Caribbean vacation agent, they inform you, you get a great deal of discounts and freebies during the time you’re on your Caribbean vacation trip. The catch is, you have to disburse to them a “payment” to become an immediate Caribbean vacation agent and as soon as you become one, you realize you cannot avail of the discounts as your qualification are not recognized by any Caribbean vacation authority.

“Caribbean vacation Discount Coupons”

You pay for a Caribbean vacation card considering it will make your Caribbean vacation a bit economical, but then you come to know that the card carries so many limitations that you are not able to obtain the discounts you’re supposed to. On the oher hand if you do receive a discount, it’s simply reduced off a “special price” and as usual comes down to the same charge as everyone else is paying for a regular Caribbean vacation.

“The Time Share Caribbean Vacation”

You receive a free Caribbean vacation, but before you use it, you have to sit through a session from a timeshare agent. Sometimes, you’re not even notified about the obligatory timeshare lecture before you arrive at your Caribbean vacation spot. In many cases, to get food fares and hotel rooms, individuals have been forced to bear lengthy presentations and end up being forced to sign documents that are also falsified. In some cases, when the Caribbean vacationers try to leave, they have been subjected to intimidation and other unscrupulous means from these salespeople.

How to protect yourself

Guard yourself against these Caribbean vacation scams by following your gut instinct and being distrustful. Don’t be frightened to say no and assert yourself when these “agents” become pushy. Never reveal your credit card number over the phone in the name of “booking” your Caribbean vacation slot.

If they provide you a time limit, tell them that you have to ponder over it; being impulsive is usually indicative of a fraud.

Before accepting the tour, go the whole way – verify the hotel, the airline, etc. - and make sure they are linked with this package at the charges the agent says they are.

Order your Caribbean vacation tickets and tours only from authentic firms and in person, if possible and remember, promotions from telecallers or phishing mails are just scams.

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